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020 - Corridor Coach 2H - residential


Accommodation: 1 family compartment, 7 single person’s compartments

List of Occupants: 2H-1 (Jaan-Peetrus Paalusavnas, Iriina Paalusavnova, Priit Paalusavnas), 2H-2 (Liisette Liazz), 2H-3 (Moortenis Melkuus), 2H-4 (Miia Muskkvikk), 2H-5 (Ijris Innuknetii), 2H-6 (Toomas-Laars Tagaaz), 2H-7 (Jaan-Paalus Podolskii), 2H-8 (Kaarel-Guustav Kiimatti)

The child brings an old dining chair through from the store room and places it in front of the playroom cupboard. He reaches up to the high shelf on which he keeps his box of building blocks or “Luduublokkr”.[1] He empties out the contents on the attic room floor. Scattered across the rug, the piles of blocks resemble the rubble that might remain of a city after it has been bombed or shelled. The boy sifts through the plastic debris, selecting a red rectangular brick with eight buttons and a square one with four in the same colour. The smaller of the two bricks he sticks on top of the other in the middle. He rummages in the pile again and pulls out a pair of black blocks each with two buttons. These he attaches to either end of the underside of the rectangular brick. The first item is finished. Next he chooses some blue blocks and repeats the process. Very soon a small production line has been established. He transfers the finished items over to the city that he has constructed in one corner of the attic room. The main boulevard is filling up with boxy little cars, with Knigisbørg-Vaatas and Noorskii-SEATs. The child replicates the sound of horns tooting and motors revving, of drivers shouting at one another – ‘Gaatiihelve!’, ‘Vukkju!’ and similar oaths. And now a larger vehicle is approaching. It consists of a line of three yellow rectangular blocks on top of which are mounted two green squares with two more yellow rectangles in between. The boy mimics a tolling bell. ‘Maakjuvaj!’ The little cars must move aside. ‘Get out of the way!’ The javn-elektrikka is drawing

Priit is the only son of Jaan-Peetrus Paalusavnas and his wife, Iriina (Compartment 2H-1). His parents dote upon him. He has an abundance of toys that occupy the majority of the space in his room. You might say that he is spoilt, then.

[1] ™ Valkksplaztikkfabrikk

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