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018 - Corridor Coach 1A - residential


Accommodation: 10 single person’s compartments + leaflet stand (timetables for the Islands Line and Lakes Railway)

List of Occupants: 1A-1 (Jaako Jappl), 1A-2 (Kuurtus Kverkusavskas), 1A-3 (Tuuli Tromlrer), 1A-4 (Halfrikk Hampphaar), 1A-5 (Kariin Kommutrer), 1A-6 (Tor Tanjeriiskk), 1A-7 (Freeja Fremmlikkr), 1A-8 (Noor-Jaan Luukassens), 1A-9 (Kateriina Klakkzon), 1A-10 (Tuuli Trompetii)

Aat vij kappitaan dij sprokkikk, Jaan-Luukas Noormanis. Ett Jernezikknoorskii verkkrerr tii “Lokomotiv” komjuvel saag i tankkju troml tanaar va vii mett!

Ah, yes, those announcements... You’ll soon get used to them. We have. During the time of the VHR, the green cornets of public address systems hung on every street corner, commanding us not to do this, not to do that.

‘This is your captain, Jaan-Luukas Noormanis, speaking,’ the voice explains. ‘The staff of Rail Noorskii would like to welcome you onboard “Lokomotiv” and to thank you for travelling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant journey…’ Like the other season ticket-holders onboard “Lokomotiv”, Jaako Jappl, occupant of Compartment 1A-1, doesn’t even notice the announcements, so often has he heard them. And what about you? How did you come to be here? You must have jumped onboard like those hobos. Aat juu een tuug-jopprer.



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