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017 - Container Wagon No. 10 - logistical


Contract: Hamburg Süd

Yang Ming, Dong Fang, Seaco, Tex… Interpool, Italia, Cronos, Zim… Florens, Florens, Cronos, Tex… Hyundia, Hyundai, Seaco, Zim…

And now it is a wagon train crossing the open plain, pulled by nineteen steeds – black, sorrel, dapple-grey, white. But it isn’t settlers that it brings, laying claim to the wide empty spaces. The train carries the last remnants of displaced peoples, fleeing westward, each coach containing the last speakers of the language.

Tillamook, Catawba, Tolowa, Konkow… Mikasuki, Maricopa, Yokuts, Yavapai… Koyukon, Panamint, Nooksack, Holikachuk… “Lokomotiv” has become “Ett Baabltuur Ekkspres”.

#ShippingContainer #Lostlanguages


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