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013 - Electric Locomotive No. 16 – “Valkksparkkvaskulptuur” (The People’s Sculpture Park)


Built: 1974

Class/serial no.: Komiizaar/KV5382E

Length: 20m

Weight: 100 tonnes

Power: 1500kW

Max speed: 165 kph

Nmr. 16 Lokomotiv - “Valkksparkkvaskulptuur” - celebrates two important facets of daily life in our cities. As the tuurismisburu will inform you, public sculpture played a prominent part in Noorii’s cultural life. Bronze representations of noblemen and artists could be found in the squares of every town and city. You may well have heard of Toomas Valandis. Ah, well… Even so, my forebear was Noorii’s second most famous sculptor, his casts of creatures from Noorskii mythology highly regarded and often aped. This predilection reached its peak during the days of the People’s Semi-autonomous Republic, when statues of the General Secretary seemed to stand on every street corner, towering over us, watching. And then there were the public spaces. Tarrinstøy has been called The City of Parks. The immaculately-mown lawns of Kunikk-Halfrikksparkk have served as the stage for theatrical and musical performances, for military parades and vintage vehicle exhibitions, for public festivals, demonstrations and a multitude of other events. I miss them. I think we all do.

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