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012 - Electric Locomotive No. 15 – “Zentraajernezikkstanito” (Central Railway Station)

Built: 1987

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206766E

Length: 22m

Weight: 110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

The gargantuan pillars that support the roof at the entrance of Tarrinstøy’s Central Railway Station (No. 15 Locomotive) are carved in the likeness of twin sea-goats. The iron piers of the footbridge linking the station’s platforms have been cast in the form of Paapin-trolls. While these architectural features are indicative of the gigantist mode popular in the capital during the inter-war period, they’re symbolic also. They alert the traveller to the temptations and dangers he may face on undertaking his journey. They’re the last things he’ll remember seeing on his departure from the city. On this side of the tracks, they seem to say, the grotesque is always grimmer.

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