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007 - Electric Locomotive No. 7 – “Toomas Topp”


Built: 1966

Class/serial no.: Valtikk/VZ447313E

Length: 19m

Weight: 85 tonnes

Power: 1250kW

Max speed: 145 kph

Our locomotives often carry names of historical figures. In this case, it’s the nineteenth century nationalist, Toomas Topp. Previous examples include “Kunikk Jaan-Friidrikk”, “Edvardis Kedrusavnas” and “Kaarel Berkmanis”, all of which ended their days in the scrap yard. Others required a change of name – “Uulfrikk Kvestjaana”, for obvious reasons, “Tsaralekksandrtva” and “Laars Klokkzinkk”. Will there one day be an “E Tovesen Laustrup”? At present, it seems unlikely.

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