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006 - Electric Locomotive No. 6 – “Elektrikkraavtstanito Nmr. 3” (Electric Power Station No. 3)

Electric Power Station

Built: 1958

Class/serial no.: Voltaa/VZ672803E

Length: 19m

Weight: 95 tonnes

Power: 900kW

Max speed: 135 kph

As the 1970s turned to the 1980s, our rolling stock became a laughing stock to our neighbours in the West. The state lacked funds to replace older units and so some of our locomotives were forty or more years old. Electric Locomotive No. 6, “Electric Power Station No. 3” is a case in point, an item of railway archaeology. Can you imagine such a state of affairs being tolerated on your own railways? It wasn’t always so. Taking into account the size of the country, the extent of our rail system had been a source of national pride. And even with its antiquated stock, Jernezikknoorskii continued to offer a comprehensive and efficient service to our citizens and industry. Jobs with the organisation continued to be highly prized. After a fashion, they still are.

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