004 - Electric Locomotive No. 4 “Jaan-Kennitt Galbrajtt”

March 7, 2018


Built: 1968

Class/serial no.: Valtikk /BZ447317E

Length: 19m         

Weight: 85 tonnes

Power: 1250kW

Max speed: 145 kph

By convention, locomotives have often been named after leading figures in the life of our country – politicians, thinkers and artists. And so among the withdrawn stock may be found “Jds Jaanus Skiinoorii”, “Prv Magnuus Luudokvist” and “Avguust Torssens” (all long since broken up for scrap). Unusually, No. 4 Locomotive commemorates a figure born beyond the borders of our country. No. 4 has been named after the great technocrat and writer on ekonomikva, admired by communists and social democrats alike.



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