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002 - Electric Locomotive No. 2 - “Tijtaan”

Built: 1983

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206755E

Length: 22m

Weight: 110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

Nmr. 2 Lokomotiv, “Tijtaan”, is named for her strength and endurance. Although, from time-to-time, Tijtaan has been employed as a first name in Noorii, here it recalls no particular individual. And so No. 2 Locomotive does not celebrate the actor, Tijtaan Andrusavskas (Compartment 29J-9), the vanished poet, Tijtaan Moortengaats (36C-1) or any of the other Tijtaans who at one time or another have stridden the corridors of the train.


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