June 19, 2018

Electric Locomotive No. 18 – “Mammoth”

Built: 1989

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206753E

Length: 22m

Weight:  110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

First of a new class after which she was named, No. 18 Locomotive was Rail Noorskii’s most powerful locomotive yet, setting new standards for load-hauling capacity. A leg...

June 13, 2018

Built: 1959

Class/serial no.: Voltaa/VZ673945E

Length: 19m

Weight:  95 tonnes

Power: 900kW

Max speed: 135 kph

Nmr. 17 Lokomotiv, “Tarrinvaar”, celebrates the capital city’s famous brewery. It stood in the Fabrikk district to the east of the city centre, served by the No. 9 trolleybus or “trolej” in our language. While t...

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