February 28, 2018

Built: 1965

Class/serial no.: Valtikk/BZ447281E

Length: 19m         

Weight: 85 tonnes

Power: 1250kW

Max speed: 145 kph

No. 3 Locomotive, “Edvaard Raavde” - just one among many required to move a train of this magnitude - commemorates the renowned Noorskii writer. And like those othe...

February 21, 2018

Built: 1983

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206755E

Length: 22m         

Weight:  110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

Nmr. 2 Lokomotiv, “Tijtaan”, is named for her strength and endurance.  Although, from time-to-time, Tijtaan has been employed as a first name in Noorii, here it rec...

February 14, 2018

Built: 1972 

Class/serial no.: Komiizaar/KV538192E

Length: 20m         

Weight: 100 tonnes

Power: 1500kW

Max speed: 165 kph

And now my story’s begun…

At the head of the train stands Electric Locomotive No. 1, named for St Peetrus’s Cathedral. “The Notre Dame of the North” according to...

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