August 12, 2018

Accommodation: 1 family compartment, 7 single person’s compartments

List of Occupants: 2H-1 (Jaan-Peetrus Paalusavnas, Iriina Paalusavnova, Priit Paalusavnas), 2H-2 (Liisette Liazz), 2H-3 (Moortenis Melkuus), 2H-4 (Miia Muskkvikk), 2H-5 (Ijris Innuknetii), 2H-6 (Toomas-Laars Tagaaz), 2H-7 (Jaan-Paalus Podolskii), 2H-8 (...

August 8, 2018

Accommodation: 9 old person’s compartments, attendant’s compartment + store (dual-language hymn books)

List of Occupants: 1H-1 (Ingvaar Ingvaarssens), 1H-2 (Jaako Jaankavnas), 1H-3 (Kriistjaan Knuutssens), 1H-4 (Valentiin Vikkturavskas), 1H-5 (Magnuus Moortenssens), 1H-6 (Kriistov Krapp), 1H-7 (Kaarel-Kriistjaan Knuutss...

August 6, 2018

Accommodation: 10 single person’s compartments + leaflet stand (timetables for the Islands Line and Lakes Railway)

List of Occupants: 1A-1 (Jaako Jappl), 1A-2 (Kuurtus Kverkusavskas), 1A-3 (Tuuli Tromlrer), 1A-4 (Halfrikk Hampphaar), 1A-5 (Kariin Kommutrer), 1A-6 (Tor Tanjeriiskk), 1A-7 (Freeja Fremmlikkr), 1A-8 (Noor-J...

August 1, 2018

Contract: Hamburg Süd

Yang Ming, Dong Fang, Seaco, Tex… Interpool, Italia, Cronos, Zim… Florens, Florens, Cronos, Tex… Hyundia, Hyundai, Seaco, Zim… 

And now it is a wagon train crossing the open plain, pulled by nineteen steeds – black, sorrel, dapple-grey, white.  But it isn’t settlers that it brings, laying claim to t...

July 29, 2018

Contract: China Shipping

Have you never been tempted by the thought? You’re waiting for your connection as a goods train approaches, slowing almost to a halt as it rumbles into the station. The container wagons roll past you. Some of the flat-beds are unoccupied, their platforms tantalisingly close. Aat dii eenhaafaal j...

June 19, 2018

Electric Locomotive No. 18 – “Mammoth”

Built: 1989

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206753E

Length: 22m

Weight:  110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

First of a new class after which she was named, No. 18 Locomotive was Rail Noorskii’s most powerful locomotive yet, setting new standards for load-hauling capacity. A leg...

June 13, 2018

Built: 1959

Class/serial no.: Voltaa/VZ673945E

Length: 19m

Weight:  95 tonnes

Power: 900kW

Max speed: 135 kph

Nmr. 17 Lokomotiv, “Tarrinvaar”, celebrates the capital city’s famous brewery. It stood in the Fabrikk district to the east of the city centre, served by the No. 9 trolleybus or “trolej” in our language. While t...

May 11, 2018

Built: 1974

Class/serial no.: Komiizaar/KV5382E

Length: 20m

Weight:  100 tonnes

Power: 1500kW

Max speed: 165 kph

Nmr. 16 Lokomotiv - “Valkksparkkvaskulptuur” - celebrates two important facets of daily life in our cities. As the tuurismisburu will inform you, public sculpture played a prominent part in Noorii’s cultural life....

May 7, 2018

Built: 1987

Class/serial no.: Mammutt/MV206766E

Length: 22m

Weight:  110 tonnes

Power: 1650kW

Max speed: 150 kph

The gargantuan pillars that support the roof at the entrance of Tarrinstøy’s Central Railway Station (No. 15 Locomotive) are carved in the likeness of twin sea-goats. The iron piers of the footbridge linking the s...

April 30, 2018

Electric Locomotive No. 11 – “Rosiníko” (Red Nicholas)

Built: 1975

Class/serial no.: Komiizaar/KV538223E

Length: 20m

Weight:  100 tonnes

Power: 1500kW

Max speed: 165 kph

Mythology is ever-present in our culture. It’s no surprise, then, to find among the locomotives one named for a mythical figure. In the case of No. 11 Locomo...

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