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Dear Traveller. Thank you for choosing to visit Rail Noorskii, home of 'Transitory' an extended project in dystopian fiction. Should you choose to embark on this journey with us, you will experience twice-weekly excursions into the world of "Lokomotiv".

We'll be sharing with you
visuals and artefacts. You'll discover the nature of The Rosi-Ikon, The Great Poisoning and The Vanishing. And who knows, along the way, you may even learn to speak a little Noorskii.


All bookings are free, so reserve your seat now by placing this site in your bookmarks or selecting from the boarding options at the foot of this page.

Words by E Tovesen Laustrup (the Tall Comptroller) - Visuals by Carla-Jaana Vlatic (the Short Comptroller)


This project is an homage to peoples of the world displaced by conflict and dictatorship, natural and man-made disaster.

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